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Leitmotivs in Star Wars

MONDAY, August 9, 2021 – 8:44 AM

A guiding motif:

A Leitmotiv (German for “guiding motif”) is a theme that announces characters. Wagner was famous for using this idea, although he did not use the word “Leitmotiv”, but perhaps the most famous use of the Leitmotiv is by John Williams in Star Wars.

Here are just a few of the iconic themes that were all used and well-known by the time the first three films were completed. Using the idea of “famous old popular music”, which in this case is more like “slightly older popular music”, we now come to something a bit different, since John Williams is still composing more music for Star Wars movies, some of which have not yet been released. How he writes these themes that we all know and can’t forget remains a mystery that I absolutely do not understand.

Darth Vader’s Theme

By the way, Darth Vader’s Theme uses only minor chords, moving from key to key.

Luke Skywalker’s Theme

Princess Leia’s Theme

Jedi Theme or Force Theme

This is also used for both Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, so for this reason it is linked to “The Force”.

Yoda’s Theme

Yoda’s Theme is linked to Yoda from the first time he is introduced and appears again and again in the eight of the nine films in all three trilogies.


1717: Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor

FRIDAY, August 6, 2021 – 1:09 AM

Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor (BWV 1041) – Sato, Netherlands Bach Society

The Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041,may have been composed at Köthen in 1717–23, but the only autograph source to survive are parts Bach copied out in Leipzig around 1730 from a now lost score or draft. So any date given is at best a guess.

This performance just appeared about a day ago although apparently it was made in May of 2019, almost two years ago. This group, with Sato, seems to have both an old sound and a very new one. Obviously the music is from almost 300 years ago, but the way these people play is anything but ancient sounding. It is so vital and alive. During the pandemic any recorded music is a gift in a time when so many performers are still wearing masks.

1st movement: Allegro, in A minor

The opening movement is in ritornello form. This means that there is a main section that comes back in fragments in both the solo violin and orchestral parts.

2nd movement: Andante, in C major

In the Andante second movement, Bach uses an insistent pattern in the ostinato bass part that is repeated constantly in the movement.

3rd movement:. Allegro assai, in A minor

In the final movement Bach relies on bariolage figures for striking acoustic effects. The meter and rhythm are those of a gigue.

But what in heaven’s names is a “bariolage figure”?

Bariolage (Fr., “odd mixture of colours”) is a technique performed by stringed instruments whereby there is a rapid alternation in the playing of open and stopped strings. Usually the figure involves a static note (the open string) and a changing note on a separate, almost always adjacent string

As always there is a question of when Bach first wrote things, and for what instrument or instruments. He frequently transcribed his own music many ways, and we don’t know which of many versions came first. His Clavier Concerto in G minor, BWV 1058 is an arrangement of this concerto with harpsichord and in a different key.

1738: Bach: Concerto in D Minor

FRIDAY, August 6, 2021 – 1:20 AM

Concerto in D Minor, age 53

You will see this called a concerto for piano and for harpsichord, but it is highly unlikely that Bach intended it for piano. That does not keep it from sounding great on piano. But more important, we now think that he wrote it for violin and changed his mind because it was too hard. It’s no longer too hard today, so here you have not two but three choices.

Shunske Sato, violin, Netherlands Bach Society

This is not in D minor, and it’s not even in C# minor, which is what we usually hear today for this music when it’s pitched lower for older instruments. It’s in C minor, but now quite, and I can’t explain that. If you want to know why perfect pitch is destructive, this is a perfect example.

First of, check this out HERE, because this a man who is extremely gifted and also incredibly articulate. Because he is so musical I would listen to anything he says about anything he’s playing, and he is one of a group of musicians who is so young and so original that I think he is helping change everything. He was already famous and doing great things while still in his 20s. My first thought was: Why is a violinist trying to make us re-imagine something for harpsichord for violin? But after hearing this, I’m convinced. Yes, this could very well have been written for violin, then later give to other instruments because there was no one around at that time who could do it justice. Where this especially shines is in the 2nd, slow movement, where for me harpsichord doe not work at all, and even piano is less effective. Note that pitch is low, but not a complete 1/2 step, and this is part of the mystery of how people today are now tuning. No one agrees on standard music for music of this period, and with good reason. It did not exist.

Glenn Gould

This is in D minor, which we expect today. He plays slower, with incredible articulation. There is nothing to see, and the sound is not at spacious as later recordings, But I always come back to this as the model of what I think this piece should sound like on piano, or at least very close to the best it can sound.

Polina Osetinskaya, Anton Gakkel

This for me rivals Gould, and the recording is excellent. It’s also in D minor.

I like everything about this performance. Note the pianist is using music. There is never a reason to play without music except to impress non-musicians – except to play things without music that you can’t play with it, and for this piece that’s not a factor. So if you are less impressed because she is using music, rethink how you are listening to music and make sure you are not listening with your eyes. She’s a pure musician. No throwing the hands around, no constipated facial expressions, just pure quality playing. It’s a joy to both see and hear.

Jean Rondeau

I’m not a big fan of harpsichord, but I do very much like this performer. He looks sort of like hippie, someone transported out of the 60s. If you like harpsichord, check this out. It has a very different feel. And it’s in C# minor. You will see him playing in D minor because the harpsichord is tuned down 1/2 step.

Not what we expect today…

Concertos by the time of Beethoven and later composers were usually written for big groups and many instruments to back them up. There is no question about what instrument – or instruments – concertos were written for. But here there are only strings, and no one knows for sure what solo Bach would have preferred if he could have heard what modern performers are able to do today.

Spotlight by Date

FRIDAY, November 27, 2020 – 10:59 AM

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Bach 1747: Bach: Ricercar a 6 (Oboe da caccia) 2020-09-10
Beethoven 1801: Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor 2020-09-10
Beethoven 1806: Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major 2020-09-10
Beethoven 1809: Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 (EMPEROR) in Eb 2020-09-10
Franck 1888: Franck: Symphony in D minor 2020-09-10
Mozart 1782: Mozart: Symphony No. 35 (HAFFNER) in D major 2020-09-10
Mozart 1779: Mozart: Symphony No. 32 (ITALIAN OVERTURE) in G major 2020-09-09
Mozart 1778: Mozart: The Symphony No. 31 (PARIS) in D major 2020-09-08
Mozart 1780: Mozart: Symphony No. 34 (SALTERELLO) in C major 2020-09-08
Beethoven 1795: Beethoven – Variations on “Là ci darem la mano” 2020-09-07
Beethoven 1795: Beethoven: Trio for Two Oboes and English Horn, Op. 87 2020-09-07
Mozart 1787: Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture, K. 527 2020-09-07
Strauss (R.) 1888: Richard Strauss: Don Juan Overture in E major 2020-09-07
Strauss (R.) 1945: Richard Strauss: Oboe Concerto in D major 2020-09-07
Debussy 1894: Debussy: Afternoon of a Faun 2020-09-06
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Schubert 1828: Schubert: Fantasy in F minor for Piano Four Hands 2020-08-25
Dvorak 1890: Dvorak: Symphony No. 8 in G major 2020-08-24
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Saint Saens 1874: Saint Saens: Danse Macabre 2020-08-23
Wagner What’s Opera, Doc? 2020-08-23
Mozart 1786: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major 2020-08-21
Schubert 1828: Schubert: Piano Sonata in B-flat Major, D.960 2020-08-21
Schubert 1828: Schubert: Trio No. 2, Op. 100 2020-08-21
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Wagner 1876 Wagner Centennial March 2020-07-24
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Wagner 1831 Wagner Concert Overture No. 1 in D minor 2020-07-23
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Wagner 1833 Wagner Die Feen Overture 2020-07-23
Wagner 1834 Wagner Christopher Columbus Overture 2020-07-23
Wagner 1836 Wagner Rule Britannia Overture in D major 2020-07-23
Wagner 1839 Wagner Faust Overture 2020-07-23
Mozart 1788: Mozart: EZ Sonata 2020-07-22
Wagner 1832 Wagner Symphony in C 2020-07-12
Tchaikovsky 1868: Tchaikovsky: Romance In F Minor 2020-06-25
Mozart 1787: Mozart: Viola Quintet No. 4 in G minor 2020-06-23
Tchaikovsky 1874: Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 2 in F major 2020-06-23
Tchaikovsky 1875: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 3 in D major 2020-06-06
Tchaikovsky 1888: Tchaikovsky: Hamlet in F minor 2020-06-06
Tchaikovsky 1890: Tchaikovsky: The Voyevoda in A minor 2020-06-06
Tchaikovsky 1884: Tchaikovsky: Elegy in G 2020-06-05
Tchaikovsky 1885: Tchaikovsky: Jurisprudence March in D 2020-06-05
Tchaikovsky 1888 Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty 2020-06-05
Tchaikovsky 1880: Tchaikovsky: Italian Capriccio 2020-06-04
Tchaikovsky 1880: Tchaikovsky: Serenade for String Orchestra C 2020-06-04
Tchaikovsky 1883: Tchaikovsky: Coronation March in D 2020-06-04
Tchaikovsky 1884: Tchaikovksy: 1812 Overture in Eb major 2020-06-04
Tchaikovsky 1876: Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini in E minor 2020-06-03
Tchaikovsky 1876: Tchaikovsky: March Slave in Bb minor 2020-06-03
Tchaikovsky 1869-1880: Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet in B minor 2020-06-02
Tchaikovsky 1873: Tchaikovsky: The Tempest in F minor 2020-06-02
Tchaikovsky 1876-77: Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Ballet 2020-06-02
Bach 1708: Toccata and Fugue in D minor 2020-05-21
Tchaikovsky 1872: Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Nikolai Rubinstein’s Name-Day in A 2020-05-03
Tchaikovsky 1865: Tchaikovsky: Overture in C Minor 2020-04-30
Tchaikovsky 1865: Tchaikovsky: Overture in F Major 2020-04-30
Tchaikovsky 1866: Tchaikovsky: Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem in D 2020-04-30
Tchaikovsky 1868: Tchaikovsky: Fatum in C minor 2020-04-30
Tchaikovsky 1864: Tchaikovsky: The Storm in E minor 2020-04-29
Tchaikovsky 1872: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2 in C minor 2020-04-24
Tchaikovsky 1866: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 1 in G minor 2020-04-20
Debussy 1899: Debussy: Nocturnes 2020-04-04
Debussy 1905: Debussy: Iberia 2020-04-04
Debussy 1905: Debussy: Rondes de printemps 2020-04-04
Debussy 1909: Debussy Gigues 2020-04-04
Bach How to listen: Bach Little Prelude in C Minor 2020-04-01
Stravinsky 1910: Stravinsky: Firebird Suite 2020-03-30
Tchaikovsky 1893: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in B minor 2020-03-28
Tchaikovsky 1888: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5 in E minor 2020-03-27
Various Star Trek, or Star Wars? 2020-03-26
Anderson 1953: Anderson: The Typewriter 2020-03-25
Russel Anna Russel 2020-03-25
Villegas 1896: Pablo Sáinz Villegas: Recuerdos de la Alhambra 2020-03-25
Rodrigo 1939: Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez in D major 2020-03-11
Williams Star Wars endings for all 9 movies 2020-03-11
Mozart Mozart in a minor mood 2020-02-26
Mozart 1773: Symphony No. 25 (LITTLE G MINOR) 2020-02-25
Mozart 1784: Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C minor 2020-02-24
Mozart 1788: Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor 2020-02-24
Beethoven 1785: Beethoven composing at age 14 2020-02-23
Beethoven The five Beethoven piano concertos 2020-02-23
Holst 1920: Holst: Military Suites 2020-02-23
Mozart 1777: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 9 in Eb major 2020-02-23
Mozart 1784: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 18 in Bb major 2020-02-23
Mozart 1785: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor 2020-02-23
Mozart 1785: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major 2020-02-23
Mozart 1785: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 22 in Eb major 2020-02-23
Mozart 1786: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor 2020-02-23
Mozart 1788: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 26 in D major 2020-02-23
Mozart 1788: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 27 in Bb major 2020-02-23
Menotti 1945: Menotti: Piano Concerto in F major 2020-02-22
Montsalvatge 1953: Montsalvatge: Concierto Breve 2020-02-22
Mozart The Mozart Piano Concertos 2020-02-22
MacDowell 1885: MacDowell: Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor 2020-02-13
Saint Saens 1868: Saint-Saens: Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor 2020-02-13
Various How the piano concerto developed 2020-02-12
Bartok 1945: Bartok: Piano Concerto No. 3 in E major 2020-02-11
Brahms 1881: Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2 in Bb major 2020-02-11
Chopin 1829: Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 2 (#1) 2020-02-11
Ravel 1931: Ravel: Piano Concerto in G major 2020-02-11
Tchaikovsky 1875: Tchaikovsky: Bb Minor Piano Concerto 2020-02-11
Vaughn Williams 1931: Vaughan Williams: Piano Concerto in C 2020-02-11
Weber 1810: Weber: Piano Concerto No. 1 2020-02-11
Rachmaninov 1891: Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 1 in F# minor 2020-02-08
Basie Count Basie 2020-02-07
Lloyd Hearing with the eyes 2020-02-01
Slydini The Great Slydini 2020-02-01
Grieg 1868: Grieg: Piano Concerto 2020-01-27
Schumann 1845: Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor 2020-01-27
Borodin 1887: Borodin: Prince Igor Overture 2020-01-17
Ellington Duke Ellington 2020-01-17
Mendelssohn 1828: Mendelssohn: Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage 2020-01-17
Mozart 1787: Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik 2020-01-12
Strauss 1896: Richard Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra 2020-01-12
Dvorak 1876: Dvorak: Piano Concerto in G minor 2020-01-01
Peterson Oscar Peterson 2019-12-31
Dvorak Dvorak and Grieg 2019-12-30
Vivaldi Bach and Vivaldi 2019-12-29
Scriabin Scriabin 2019-12-24
Vivaldi 1715: Vivaldi: Gloria 2019-12-24
Various More Old Popular Music 2019-12-22
Tchaikovsky 1892: Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Ballet 2019-12-20
Nat King Cole 1945: The Christmas Song 2019-12-15
Handel 1741: Handel: The Messiah 2019-12-12
Van Heusen 1947: But Beautiful, a Great Standard 2019-12-12
Brahms Takashi Asahina 2019-12-08
Various Classical Music Is Older Popular Music 2019-12-08
Brahms Ben Hopkins 2019-12-04
Various Famous arrangers and transcribers 2019-12-04
Chopin 1838: Chopin: Raindrop Prelude: Op. 28 No. 15 2019-12-02
Schubert 1827: Schubert: Gb Major Impromptu 2019-11-28
Collier Two mid-season pieces 2019-11-26
Mendelssohn 1830: Mendelssohn: Fingal’s Cave 2019-11-24
Kanno 2014: Kanno: Zankyou no Terror 2019-11-01
Collier Jacob Collier 2019-10-28
Johann Strauss 1866: Johann Strass: The Beautiful Danube 2019-10-24
Various For Those Who Hate Opera 2019-10-24
Verdi 1871: Verdi: Triumphal March 2019-10-24
Orf 1935: Orff: Carmina Burana 2019-10-22
Various Name that tune! 2019-10-22
Hut Hut 2019-10-14
Davis 1959: Miles Davis: So What 2019-10-08
Cookie Graham Cookie 2019-10-04
Hut Guitar Lydian Improv 2019-10-03
Pachelbel 1690: Pachebel: Cannon 2019-10-03
Pachelbel Pachelbels Cannon Encore 2019-10-03
Mckennitt Loreena Mckennitt 2019-09-30
Mozart 1782: Mozart: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2019-09-30
Simon @ Garfunkel 1965: Paul Simon: Scarbouro Fair 2019-09-30
Clapton Eric Clapton 2019-09-27
Hut Dorian Improv 2019-09-27
Liszt Liszt: 1849: Consolation No. 3 2019-09-27
Ella Ella and scat singing 2019-09-23
De Vorzon/ Botkin Jr. 1970: Cotton’s Dream 2019-09-22
Bach 1723: Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring 2019-09-17
Debussy 1910: Debussy: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair 2019-09-16
Kabalesky 1938: Kabalevsky: Comedian’s Galop 2019-09-05
Anderson 1949: Anderson: A Trumpeter’s Lullaby 2019-09-02
Strauss (R.) 2001 A Space Odyssey 2019-08-10
Beatles 1966: Beatles: Eleanor Rigby 2019-08-09
Bach The Romantic movement started here… 2019-07-28
Joplin 1916: Maple Leaf Rag 2019-07-19
Debussy 1909: Debussy: Interrupted Serenade 2019-07-02
Bizet 1920: Carmen Variations 2019-06-14
Debussy 1905: Debussy: Reflections in the water 2019-05-26
Grusin 1993: Death of Love and Trust 2019-05-15
Debussy 1990: Debussy: Claire de Lune in Db major 2019-05-07
Chopin 1844: Chopin 3rd Sonata, final movement 2019-04-14
Chopin 1834: Chopin: Fantaisie Impromptu 2019-04-09
Chopin 1842: Chopin Polonaise in Ab major 2019-04-09
Liszt 1850: Liszt: Liebestraum 2019-04-07
Chopin 1831: Chopin: Revolutionary Etude 2019-04-01
Dvorak Twisted Dvorak 2019-03-14
Saint Saens 1903: Saint Saens: Valse Triste: Twisted Disney 2019-03-07
Beatles What are these kids playing? 2019-03-03
Dudamel The most amazing youth program in the world 2019-03-03
Scarlatti 1752: Scarlatti: Sonata in C Major, K, 159 2019-02-25
Williams Leitmotivs in Star Wars 2019-01-13
Wagner Götterdämmerung PROLOGUE 2018-08-02
Wagner Wagner Götterdämmerung Act I Libretto 2018-08-02
Wagner Wagner Götterdämmerung Act II Libretto 2018-08-02
Wagner Wagner Götterdämmerung Act III Libretto 2018-08-02

What’s New?

FRIDAY, August 6, 2021 – 1:02 AM

I started this idea more than a year ago. My idea was to present whatever I was listening to at the moment. But late in 2020 I got so busy recording that I stopped listening for awhile. I was too exhausted. Just recently I started to get my curiosity back.

I almost gave up on this project, and I’ve been running into memory problems. But for the time being I’ll continue it for a bit more, then I’ll judge whether or not the project is worth the time based on feedback.

Guide to universal interval names

THURSDAY, August 5, 2021 – 10:06 AM

  • Unison – “zero distance”
  • 1/2 Tone – nothing is skipped
  • Tone – skip one key
  • Fat (tone) – one and 1/2 tones: It’s wider than a tone, thus “fat”. Skip two keys
  • Bitone – two tones: Skip three keys
  • 4th – Two and 1/2 tones. Skip four keys
  • Tritone – Three tones. Two fats
  • 5th – One half tone bigger than a tritone, hand-sized.
  • 4-tone – fits Xaug
  • Triple fat flip – fits Xdim
  • Two short or 5 tones- shrink an octave by two keys: fits X7
  • One short: shrink an octave by two keys: fits Xmaj7
  • Octave – two notes with the same name that is not a unison


Teaching Online

Each day I am adding more resources here, so please keep checking back to see what is new. Online teaching is international. If you have a computer and want my help, we can do this from anywhere in the world. My teaching is not local, and that’s a very good thing.

With online teaching you are no longer limited to teachers in your area, and for many people that is key when they are trying to find the best fit for a teacher.


This for students of all ages and their parents. In the beginning most people have no idea what happens in lessons, or what music reading is, or anything else related to what we as music teachers do. For the average non-musicians, trained musicians somehow seem like wizards right out of Harry Potter, while the rest of the world is divided into muggles and squibs. Here are some things you should read about: