Database for my recordings

This is a beta version:

ArrangementsBarrios: La Catedral Mvt. One
ArrangementsCasper’s Lullaby
ArrangementsChopin: A Minor Waltz
ArrangementsChopin: A Minor Waltz, Posthumous
ArrangementsCrumbling Dreams: A very unusual waltz
ArrangementsDarth Vader
ArrangementsGDL arrangement: Greensleeves, Aeolian and modern minor
ArrangementsKhachaturian: Adagio
ArrangementsLetters from the Sky
ArrangementsNadia’s Theme – Cotton’s Dream
ArrangementsOver the Rainbow
ArrangementsPhrygian b4: Something by Aldeayeah
ArrangementsRainbow Connection
ArrangementsSaint Saens: The Aquarium
ArrangementsStar Trek Next Generation
ArrangementsTerror in Resonance
ArrangementsThe Red Violin
ArrangementsThe Twilight Zone (the theme we all know)
ArrangementsThis is a lament, but whose?
ArrangementsTwilight Zone Improv
ArrangementsUndertale: Fallen Down
ArrangementsWilliam Can You Read My Mind
ArrangementsWilliams: Hedwig: The world’s most famous owl
ArrangementsX Files
ArrangementsZelda’s Lullaby
Compositions556 My troll of Scarlatti
CompositionsA Lazy Slow Blues Tune
CompositionsA Touch of Lydian
CompositionsAndy Blues
CompositionsBert and Arty Blues
CompositionsBig Cat Walk
CompositionsBitter Sweet
CompositionsBluesy Mixo
CompositionsChasing Your Scales
CompositionsChopin Variation
CompositionsChromatic Rising: 1800s style Romanticism
CompositionsCircle Etude
CompositionsDark Jazzy Minor
CompositionsDorian Waltz
CompositionsEerie: an exploration of the whole tone scale
CompositionsFloating 1800s style Chromatic Rising
CompositionsFunky 4ths
CompositionsG and J Blues
CompositionsHeart and Soul
CompositionsHomage to Bach Diminished Mystery
CompositionsHomage to Peter Tchaikovsky
CompositionsHomage to Rachmaninov
CompositionsIonian Etude
CompositionsJourney II: a colorful exploration of subtle modulations with four against three
CompositionsJourney: a colorful exploration of subtle modulations
CompositionsJust a Lonely Night
CompositionsKabalevsky Etude in A Minor
CompositionsLazy Kitty
CompositionsLe Mystique: Etude in Gypsy Major
CompositionsLonging: Exploration of the double sus chord
CompositionsLullaby for a Rainy Day
CompositionsLydian Soliloquy
CompositionsMagic Carpet
CompositionsMalagueña Salsa Etude
CompositionsMalagueña: For first and second year students
CompositionsMelancholy Dorian Blues
CompositionsMemories: A tribute to my family and friends who are no longer with me
CompositionsModulation Etude
CompositionsModulation Etude
CompositionsModulation Etude
CompositionsNon Finito
CompositionsScarborough Fair
CompositionsTrinity Waltz
CompositionsTritone Mystery
CompositionsTrolling Beethoven
CompositionsTrolling Chopin
CompositionsTrolling Mr. Hanon
CompositionsTrolling Tom and Jerry
CompositionsTrolling Tom and Jerry
CompositionsTuba Bass Line
CompositionsVariations on a Spanish Theme
RecordingsBach BVW 814: French Suite 3 B minor Allemande
RecordingsBach BVW 815: French Suite 4 Eb Allemande
RecordingsBach BWV 924: C major: Prelude: 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach BWV 926: D minor – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach BWV 927: F major Prelude – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach BWV 937 E Prelude 6 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach BWV 941 Prelude in E Minor
RecordingsBach WTC Book I: Prelude in C minor
RecordingsBach WTC Book I: Prelude in D Minor
RecordingsBach WTC Book I: Prelude in Db Major
RecordingsBach: BWV 925 D major – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach: BWV 928 F major Prelude – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach: BWV 930 G minor Prelude – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach: BWV 936: D major Prelude – 6 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach: BWV 939 C major – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach: BWV 999 C minor Prelude – 12 Little Preludes
RecordingsBach: Goldberg Variation No. 25
RecordingsBach: Invention in A Minor
RecordingsBach: Invention in E major
RecordingsBach: Invention No. One in C major
RecordingsBach: Sinfonia 11 in G Minor
RecordingsBach: WTC: BWV 846: Book I: Prelude in C Major
RecordingsBarrios: La Catedral Mvt, Three
RecordingsBartok Nocturne
RecordingsBartok: A Winter Tale
RecordingsBartok: Bulgairian Dance No 6
RecordingsBartok: Follow the Leader
RecordingsBartok: From the Island of Bali
RecordingsBartok: Homage to JSB
RecordingsBartok: Lonely Traveller
RecordingsBeethoven Sonatina in F Major
RecordingsBeethoven Tempest Mvt 3
RecordingsBeethoven: Für Elise
RecordingsBeethoven: Sonatina in G Major
RecordingsBeethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement
RecordingsBrubeck: Joshua Redman
RecordingsBrubeck: Lost Waltz
RecordingsBrubeck: The Desert Land
RecordingsBrubeck: William’s Song
RecordingsBurgmüller: Ballade
RecordingsBurgmüller: Song of the Gondolier
RecordingsBurgmüller: Sylphs
RecordingsBurgmüller: The Chatterbox
RecordingsCarroll From the Cliffs
RecordingsCarroll The Passing of Una
RecordingsCarroll: Alone at Sunset
RecordingsCarroll: Flakes of Foam
RecordingsCarroll: Isle of Palms
RecordingsCarroll: Moon Beams
RecordingsCarroll: Night’s Shining Peace
RecordingsCarroll: The Echo Nymph
RecordingsChopin – A Major Prelude
RecordingsChopin – Raindrop Prelude
RecordingsChopin E Major Etude
RecordingsChopin: B Minor Prelude
RecordingsChopin: C Minor Prelude
RecordingsChopin: E minor prelude
RecordingsChopin: F Minor Etude
RecordingsChopin: Nocturne in Eb
RecordingsChopin: Prelude in C# Minor Op. 45
RecordingsClementi: Sonatina No 1
RecordingsCPE Bach: Solfeggio
RecordingsDave Grusin: Death of Love and Trust
RecordingsDebussy Footsteps in the Snow
RecordingsDebussy: Arabesque No 1
RecordingsDebussy: Clair de lune
RecordingsDebussy: Dead Leaves
RecordingsDebussy: Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
RecordingsDebussy: Girl with the Flaxen Hair
RecordingsDebussy: Les Soirs illumines par l’ardeur du charbon
RecordingsDebussy: Reverie
RecordingsDebussy: Serenade of the Doll
RecordingsDebussy: The Little Shepherd
RecordingsDebussy: The Snow is Dancing
RecordingsDebussy: The Sunken Cathedral
RecordingsEllmenreich Spinning Song
RecordingsFanny Mendelssohn: Melodie
RecordingsGershwin: 2nd Prelude
RecordingsGliere Prelude in Db
RecordingsGounod: Funeral March of the Marionette
RecordingsGranados: Andaluza
RecordingsGrieg: Arietta, Op. 12 No. 1
RecordingsGrieg: Butterfly
RecordingsGrieg: Elegie
RecordingsGrieg: Elves’ Dance
RecordingsGrieg: Evening in the Mountains
RecordingsGrieg: French Serenade
RecordingsGrieg: Gone
RecordingsGrieg: Grandmother’s Minuet
RecordingsGrieg: Homesickness
RecordingsGrieg: Nocturne
RecordingsGrieg: Phantom
RecordingsGrieg: Popular Melody
RecordingsGrieg: Sailor’s Song
RecordingsGrieg: Waltz Op. 12 No. 2
RecordingsGrieg: Watchmans Song
RecordingsGrusin: On Golden Pond
RecordingsGuaraldi Love Will Come
RecordingsGuaraldi Skating
RecordingsHaydn Allegro
RecordingsHaydn: Allegretto
RecordingsKabalevsky Joke
RecordingsKabalevsky Novelette
RecordingsKabalevsky Short Story
RecordingsKabalevsky Toccatina
RecordingsKabalevsky: Song
RecordingsKabalevsky: Waltz
RecordingsKhachaturian: Ivan Sings
RecordingsMendelssohn: Song without Words Op 19 No 01
RecordingsMendelssohn: Song without Words Op 30 No 03
RecordingsMermaids Lullaby
RecordingsMinute Waltz
RecordingsMozart: K311 Sonata in D – 2nd Mvt.
RecordingsMozart: K311 Sonata in D – 2nd Mvt.
RecordingsMozart: K331, Rondo alla Turka
RecordingsRachmaninov C#m Prelude
RecordingsRavel: Tombeau de Couperin, Prelude
RecordingsSatie: Gymnopedie No. One
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in A Major: K322 L483 P360
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in Bb Major: K42 L536 P120
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in D Minor: K12 L489, P68
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in E Major: K531 L430 P535
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in F Major K094 L none P27 – IMPROVISED
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in F Minor: K466 L 118 P501
RecordingsScarlatti: Sonata in G Major: K431 L83 P365
RecordingsSchumann Knight of the Rocking Horse
RecordingsSchumann: Anonymous
RecordingsSchumann: By the Fireplace
RecordingsSchumann: Catch Me
RecordingsSchumann: Curious Story
RecordingsSchumann: Falling Asleep and Poet
RecordingsSchumann: Frightening
RecordingsSchumann: Important Event
RecordingsSchumann: Just Content
RecordingsSchumann: Pleading Child
RecordingsSchumann: Scenes from Childhood: Almost too Serious
RecordingsSchumann: Soldier’s March
RecordingsSchumann: Strange Lands
RecordingsSchumann: Träumerei
RecordingsScriabin: Poem
RecordingsScriabin: Prelude Op 51 No 2
RecordingsWalter Carroll: Isle of Palms

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