1757: Haydn: Symphony B in Bb major (Partita): age 25

Christopher Hogwood/The Academy of Ancient Music

  1. Allegro molto
  2. Menuetto & Trio (Trio in Eb major). Allegretto
  3. Andante in G minor
  4. Presto

Mr. Peabody says:

Joseph Haydn’s Symphony ‘B’ in B♭ major one of his earliest symphonies. It has no usual number it was somhow published without its wind parts as a “Partita”. But it is unusual because it moves to Eb and G minor before returning to Bb major, and in this time period that was very unusual.


  • 2 oboes, bassoon
  • 2 horns
  • strings
  • continuo.

The trio of the minuet contains a dialogue between solo viola and solo bassoon.[2]

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