Twisted Dvorak

(Mar 14, 2019)

Bruno Bozetto again…

This is another cut from his “Allegro non Troppo”, which by the way means “fast but not too fast”.

this is from Bruno Bozzetto’s 1976 ‘Fantasia’ parody and features Dvořák’s Slavonic Dance No. 7, Op. 46. love how the crowds are handled.

What’s the ending about? Apparently “the masses” finally stand up to a tyrant, but I’m open to other interpretations.

(Until I can find another link, this one no longer works. It’s been blocked to Allegro Non Troppo, but only for this one track.)

Here is the whole set of dances.

These pieces were incredibly popular and perhaps were the greatest step in making Dvorak world famous.

4 thoughts on “Twisted Dvorak

  1. The animated version was certainly unique and fun. But I enjoyed listening without animations by walking away from the screen, and I was hearing more that way. I like the music.

    1. Bruno’s ideas are odd, which is why I call them “twisted”. Disney is “happy, shiny”, and the first consideration was always making money, not changing the world. Fantasia is impressive, but a lot of it is cute, entertaining and very mainstream. Bruno, on the other other hand, always approaches things from unexpected directions.

      In the other video, about the cat, there the animation matches the music. Both the sound and the look is profoundly sad. I don’t think there is any connection between Dvorak’s music and the story in this video, but the animation amuses me.

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