1822: Mendelssohn: String Piano Concerto in A minor

FRIDAY, December 18, 2020 – 10:07 AM

Mendelssohn: String Piano Concerto in A minor, age 13

This is yet another piece of music written by Mendelssohn when he was in his early teens. The best info I’ve been able to find says that this was composed between 1821 and 1822. I have not been able to find a page with much info about it, but of course the most interesting thing is how young he was during the composition. Below are two performances I found.

John Ogdon

Cyprien Katsaris


5 thoughts on “1822: Mendelssohn: String Piano Concerto in A minor

  1. This piece just enthrals me. Not for the piece itself, (although it’s quite good), but for the story behind it. This is probably one of my favorite pieces written by a young composer. Its just so easy on the ears and I couldn’t stop listening. Sad it wasn’t published in his life time.

  2. Apparently it was his 4th (!) concerto, and it was not published in his lifetime. Very enjoyable and agree with BertArt. I enjoyed seeing the notation in Mendelssohn’s hand in the Katsaris performance – and I like the performance!

  3. What a wonderful piece. You always hear that these composers were prodigies, but you seldom think of how old they really were when they composed such pieces.

  4. Very impressive for a 13 year old. This was much more enjoyable to listen to than the music Mozart wrote at the same age.

    Ogdon’s playing was extraordinary.

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