Fantastic teacher!!!

Gary is the first piano teacher I had who actually teaches you how to practice and helps solve problems. He also plans lessons for each student.

Bert Stewart

A true teacher, that’s what Gary is.

I chose Gary back in 2009 after decades of more off-than-on lessons — because my prior teachers were uniformly terrible. They taught “songs.” I told Gary on my first lesson I didn’t want to learn “songs” — I want to read the music like I read the newspaper. Or blog.. whatever. Time marches on ;o)

Gary teaches Music. How to read it, how to practice it, and how to play it. He teaches it in a way that you’re not even aware you’re learning.. you just find yourself practicing better, playing better.. listening better. You’ll hear things you didn’t notice before when you listen to music you know well.

Gary, yeah, you’re the best.

Louie Gonsalves

More than I hoped for. An appreciation.

When I met Gary, I hoped I’d find a teacher who gives the tools from the ground up for learning to play music on the piano. And I found that teacher! Sometimes it’s outside the box in a way that brings you to the heart of what makes music and playing tick. What others make complicated, Gary has a way of bringing across in a practical and deceptively simple way. You grasp it, so you grow.

I have valued “learning how to learn”: how to practise, how to divide pieces into sections, tasks, goals. It makes a world of difference. If you are used to music work taking immense effort, then working on one task you can reach, followed by another, will feel odd until you realize how much more you can achieve, and ultimately faster in the long run. The success creeps up on you. It is a cool experience. Once you have this, you can use it forever.

Music is made up of many parts: playing (technique), reading, theory etc. Here everything fits together. I’ve had lessons before and something was missing which I was searching for – I found those elements here.

Inge Black

I Read Music!

I have been with Gary for a little over two years, and I must say it has been a worthwhile experience!

The first thing that comes to my mind from when I started is Gary promising me that if I followed his guideline I will learn how to read music and I did!

There is a long way ahead of me to have my first piano concert; but, I’m enjoying the time spent. Every weekend I learn new things as he knows what my weaknesses and strengths are and he’s working around to make me a better piano player. I trust him 100% to take me to higher piano levels on the years to come.


Leandro de Leon

Gary is a great pianist

Gary is a great pianist and teacher. My daughter enjoys her piano lessons with him. Thank you Gary for being patient and helpful!

Medgy Seraphin

Taking piano lessons

It is great taking piano lessons from Gary Lloyd because I learned how to read music in a rather short time and began to enjoy music in a new way. I didn’t think I could do it but apparently if one applies oneself one could learn piano at any age. Age is not a factor as long as one applies themself and is up for the task. I feel that I am up for it.

Lila Vaughn

Gary is a wonderful teacher!

A year and a half ago, I was searching for a Piano teacher for my 5 year old son who loves music. Gary, or “Mr. Gary” as my kids call him, is a wonderful teacher. I knew nothing about the piano, and small bit about music when we first started lessons. Gary quickly educated me as to what was needed to support my son in his learning. He adjusts his lessons to each of their skill levels and is flexible working with both of their polar opposite personalities. He understands music but more importantly, he understands how to get the most out of his students regardless of age, or ability. I have personally recommended him to some other families around the area. I would highly encourage anyone curious about starting, or anyone that wants to continue piano to come see Gary.

Krista Colandrea

Best Teacher Ever

Mr. Gary has given my son Michael piano lessons for the past 3 years. Michael looks forward every week to learn more & more about chords, modes, scales, etc. His overall self-confidence has increased, & with Mr Gary’s encouragement, Michael is improving exponentially. Mr Gary has instilled a respect & appreciation for reading, composing & playing music—–knowledge that has carried over into his band class at school. I sit in the room with my son during his lessons. The excitement in Michael’s eyes as he plays for Mr Gary is priceless.

Susan Benhaim

Can’t have a better teacher than him

I took lessons with him for many years and was taught not just to how hit notes on a keyboard correctly but how to understand a composition and all of music theory and its moving parts.

If you are willing to dedicate time to play piano to the best of your ability, Mr. Lloyd will get you there with the correct amount of discipline and just authority.

He is very patient with his students who have practiced and does not tolerate when you have given it your all. His demeanor is very professional but once you get to know him more he has a great sense of humor and a great interest in your life and loves to converse and answer every type of question. He is persistent in having his students comprehend everything he is teaching them from fingering to dominant 7s, no matter if they’re 7 or 57, all of his students will leave class understanding music a little more.

He also brings you into the songwriting process when you see how each piece is structured and how and why the musical passages are written as they are. Once you master a song you have learned with Mr. Lloyd, you will become obsessed with it and play it for hours on end. Every single class with him is a new concept to learns and your last class with him does not mean he has nothing else to show you so if you ever have a chance to revisit him years later, lessons will not feel like a broken record.

Kenny Rojas

Doing Better in Every Class

Gary has taught me to play from piano pieces of music to theories and rediscover my passion for symphonies and concerts. My initial piano goals have been achieved! Now, higher levels wait there, and I am delighted Gary is pushing me to reach them.


Best Teacher I ever had

I’ve never had a better teacher of any subject. He took a kid who hadn’t ever played piano and could read music and got me to a point where a year later I was able to pass my audition and get into music school. I never forgot his dedication and the way he introduced me to so much classical music. I never forgot his instructions about how to practice and the way he could push my buttons when I didn’t.

Pedro Valdes

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