1871: Wagner: Siegfried

SUNDAY, August 9, 2020

Siegfried: 1871

This is the 3rd opera of Wagner’s Ring. There is no famous orchestral music in this opera, and I don’t know why. There are shorter cuts sandwiched in between other parts, but for some reason the singing dominates, so there is very little to connect to without actually listening to the whole opera.

Another great recording…

However, there is some great music in a recording called The “Ring” Without Words. In fact, music from all the Ring operas are on this record, and it’s really rather easy to listen to, to get an overview of the music itself:

  • 28:00 Akt 1, Siegfried forges his sword
  • 28:45 Akt 1, Final
  • 29:02 Akt 2, Forest murmurs
  • 31:06 Akt 2, Siegfried kills Fafner
  • 32:24 Akt 2, Fafner’s lament

1871 Siegfried, Act II, Forest Murmers: 1871

This is the only orchestral music that actually is played without singing in the opera, and it’s very good, although less famous than other music from The Ring.

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