1774: Mozart: Thamos, King of Egypt, age 18 GA

1774: Mozart: Thamos, King of Egypt, age 18

There is narration here, and I want to eventually link the music to skip that. I find it distracting and annoying.

Here is what  I found:

Thamos, King of Egypt  is a play by Tobias Philipp, baron von Gebler, for which, between 1773 and 1780, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote incidental music, K. 345/336a, of an operatic character.

The play’s première took place at the Kärntnertortheater in Vienna, probably on 4 April 1774, by which time two choruses had been written. Performances in Salzburg in 1776 and 1779-80 may have incorporated the orchestral interludes and the three choruses in their final form, respectively. The music was re-used in 1783 in a different play (set in India, not Egypt), Lanassa, by Karl Martin Plümicke.

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