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MONDAY, April 20, 2020

I’m still working on all the Star Wars music. It is absolutely huge, music from at least nine different movies, nine different soundtracks. Each soundtrack has many different tracks. Some are really important, but others are more or less background music for the films, most of all for battles and dramatic scenes. This makes it very difficult to set up a guide for listening for people who are not totally in love with Star Wars.

I would like to get help from people by getting suggestions about how to organize this better:

Star Wars…

This says “by themes”, but I need something better. All the important things are at the top. The latest are characters, meaning I’ve tried to take the most important characters from all the movies and link the music most important to those characters. There is a lot more I need to add, but it’s a good start.

Underneath characters are things I did earlier, and I may simply delete the after I’m sure nothing important is missing. I don’t want the same music in two or three places. That’s confusing to me too.

Finally there are themes and tracks from each movie, and I’d like to feature all those themes, eventually, in the posts about characters. But I have to leave all those other links there until I’m sure I’m not deleting something important, or interesting.

Please comment if you have any ideas about how to organize this better. I don’t like putting these names in Spotlight, because I think this should be a separate thing.


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  1. Not sure if this helps; but, I would like to see it like the movies were created to make the relationship between the first movie its music, etc.

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