Teaching Online

Each day I am adding more resources here, so please keep checking back to see what is new. Online teaching is international. If you have a computer and want my help, we can do this from anywhere in the world. My teaching is not local, and that’s a very good thing.

With online teaching you are no longer limited to teachers in your area, and for many people that is key when they are trying to find the best fit for a teacher.

3 thoughts on “Teaching Online

  1. I never had so much time spent with my family in so short period of time. I have to lock down my room to be able to play piano. Challenging times; I hope we get back to the old rutine soon!

  2. Even though we’re going through these rough times, we can still musically express ourselves. In fact, it probably helps us keep some of our sentimental values.

  3. This new section of Spotlight is exactly the right thing for these times. If we are all isolated, we’re just a little bit less so now. Thank you.

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