What are you listening to?

WEDNESDAY, January 27, 2021 – 2:20 AM

I’m doing something new this year. Each time anyone comments on anything I  have put into Spotlight I’ll put that at the top of the list, so if you want to see what people are talking about, be sure to read the latest comments.

I want to also start adding things in the future that people are listening to – things that I don’t even know about, music that is new to me, so if anyone mentions any piece of music that I do not know and that I like, I’ll add it to the list.


5 thoughts on “What are you listening to?

  1. Hey guys, if you haven’t done so yet, click on my recordings in the title bar and listen to an awesome recording of Chopin’s Ballade in Gm by the one and only Gary Lloyd. I’d like to be able to play like that.

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