1760: Haydn: Symphony No. 36 in Eb major, age 28

Adam Fischer:


  • Vivace
  • Adagio in B♭ major
  • Menuet – Trio (Trio in B♭ major)
  • Allegro


  • 2 oboes
  • bassoon
  • 2 horns
  • strings
  • continuo

No nickname:

The presence of names is very random and does not, as I assumed, mean that a symphony is better or even more popular. But for me, personally, if I “tag” a symphony it helps me remember it, and even more it helps me remember which ones I like the most and want to come back to.

For this one I hear barking horns, and I like the sound, but is there is there one thing unique about this one that I can link to? “Barking horns” is something we hear in dozens of symphonies. The more I listen to Haydn, the more I like everything, but I just don’t have one thing to link to here. I know I like the music. Maybe I’ll find something later.

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