1771: Haydn: Symphony No. 52 in C minor, age 39



There is no solid date, 1771 is only going to be close, but this at least tells us that Mozart would like have heard this. The years given for these symphonies are wildly out of sync with the numbers, since #52 is placed right between #43 and #44, while #53 is placed six or seven years later.


The symphony is scored for

  • two oboes
  • bassoon
  • two horns
  • continuo (harpsichord)
  • strings


  1. Allegro assai con brio
  2. Andante in C major
  3. Menuetto e trio. Allegretto
  4. Finale. Presto

Liturgical use:

It is possible that, as with several other symphonies by Haydn and Mozart, the Symphony no. 52 was written for the purpose of being incorporated into the Catholic liturgy.


Some other of Haydn’s symphonies were written for the holy days. Apparently experts are pretty sure when this was first performed for that reason.

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