The Ring without words

TUESDAY, August 11, 2020

The Wagner Ring without words…

Around 1989 a recording was released called “The Ring without Words”, and this was how I got to know The Ring. I still consider this recording a landmark, but there is a new idea that came out in 2009, and it has more music. It’s a lot longer, around  132 minutes. And it’s fantastic.

It’s the Duisburger Philharmoniker, conducted by Jonathan Darlington.

Then link below does no justice to the recording by providing info, but I found it all, and here is the info:

Where the recording is, click…

And here is the guy who arranged the whole thing. In this case “arranging” has more to do with extracting the music, but the way he has put this together is pure genius because he’s getting all the most important themes, and this is really really REALLY good!

A fine arranger:

His name is Friedmann Dreßler, and he’s a cellist. I have not found much about him, but I did find a bit.

And now the recording: Wagner: The Symphonic Ring

The Rhinegold

  • 0:00 – Das Rheingold, Scene 1: Prelude
  • 4:31 -Das Rheingold, Scene 1: Song of the Rhine Maidens
  • 5:27 -Das Rheingold, Scene 4: Alberich’s Love-Curse
  • 8:04 -Das Rheingold, Scene 2: Walhalla
  • 9:30 -Das Rheingold, Scene 4: Das Schmieden
  • 11:05 -Das Rheingold, Scene 4: Donner, god of Thunder

The Walkyrie

  • 12:50 -Die Walkure, Scene 1:Vorspiel
  • 13:53 -Die Walkure, Scene 3:Seigmund und Sieglinde
  • 16:50 -Die Walkure, Scene 3:Die Wintersturme
  • 20:48 -Die Walkure, Scene 3: Seigmund und Sieglindes Flucht
  • 21:33 -Die Walkure, Scene 1: Vorspiel (Prelude)
  • 23:39 -Die Walkure, Scene 2:Wotans Wut
  • 25:05 -Die Walkure, Scene 1:Walkurenritt
  • 28:00 -Die Walkure, Scene 3: Wontans Abschied
  • 35:14 -Die Walkure, Scene 3:Feuerzauber 3


  • 9:49 -Siegfried, Act II: Vorspiel (Prelude)
  • 43:55 -Siegfried, Act II: Waldweben
  • 46:06 -Siegfried, Kampf mit dem Drachen
  • 47:08 -Siegfried, Act II: Fafners Mahnung
  • 48:47 -Siegfried, Act III: Vorspiel (Prelude)

The Twilight of the Gods

  • 51:20 -Gotterdammerung, Act I: Nacht auf Brunnhildes Felsen
  • 53:08 -Gotterdammerung, Act I: Sonnenaufgang 5
  • 5:18 -Gotterdammerung, Act I: Duett Siegfried-Brunnhilde
  • 58:48 -Gotterdammerung, Act I: Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt
  • 1:04:27 -Gotterdammerung, Act II: Hagens Notruf
  • 1:05:30 -Gotterdammerung, Act II: Chor der Mannen
  • 1:06:40 -Gotterdammerung, Act III: Vorspeil (Prelude)
  • 1:10:44 -Gotterdammerung, Act III: Ermordung
  • 1:12:59 -Gotterdammerung, Act III: Erinnerung an Brunnhilde
  • 1:16:21 -Gotterdammerung, Act III: Tod and Trauermarsch
  • 1:24:20 -Gotterdammerung, Act III: Brunnhildes Schlussgesang

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