1788: Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 27 in Bb major

SUNDAY, February 23, 2020

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat major, K. 595 (1788-1791), age 32-35

This is Mozart’s last piano concerto; it was first performed early in 1791, the year of his death.

There is a huge discussion of exactly when it was written, so there is about a three year window.


flute, two oboes, two bassoons, two horns, solo piano and strings, so fewer instruments than Mozart’s other late concertos.

Connecting movements…

The principal theme of the slow movement appears as the second theme of the final movement, and this is of special interest to me because this unification of movements seems logical and musical to me. When composers use ideas from one movement of a sonata, concerto or symphony in another movement, it means that these movements truly belong together.

Maria João Alexandre Barbosa Pires (23 July 1944 – present)…

This is another lady who just keeps getting better and better.


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  1. You had once expressed the idea that it should be considered ok to perform a single movement – if I remember this correctly (and I would be happy to hear one in isolation). If a theme from one movement reappears in another, would you have a greater preference for the whole to stay together, to keep this unity?

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