Death of Love and Trust

(May 15, 2019)

Here is a very different feel:

The Death of Love and Trust, from The Firm, is a very different mood and style from composers like Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov, but it remains very Romantic, in a different way. This is another composition in the key of Eb Minor, which is a very awkward key to write in and to read. It has been historically used by composers for very serious matters.

The composer, Dave Grusin, unfortunately does not write out all the notes. I have them and have taught them a couple times, but I had to listen very carefully to complete the whole thing.

13 thoughts on “Death of Love and Trust

    1. Have you ever seen the movie – The Firm? It’s very dark. It’s not a happy=shiny movie at all. Blues often expresses subtle emotions. You can probably tell it’s not an “up” tune.

    1. It’s about depression, I think. Think about what happens when you reach a point in your life when the things you used to believe in and trust seem to become empty lies.

  1. I can’t even say why I like this, but I really do. There’s some kind of cool blue flow – I actually find it soothing. The colours of the chords keep shifting in a way that I simply enjoy.

    1. It’s in minor, and of course it is slow swing. Many people use the word “cool” for jazz and blues because there is almost a detachment missing in much of traditional music. In general the dynamic range is narrower and the steady pulse gives a predictability plus a very strong structure. To me the mood is subtle. Romantic music tends to be very dramatic about emotions. You might think of Romantic music as “Drama Queen” music. Cool jazz is just that, cool. The emotions are more under the surface, perhaps more subtle. For me this music is longing, wistful, sad, but it’s all muted.

    1. It’s swing, Michael, and swing has a completely different feel to it. More traditional music tends to sound much more emotional and expressive. This is related to “the Blues”, and think about the difference between being really unhappy, in a serious way, and just sort of a “meh” day, where nothing is obviously wrong. You just don’t feel happy, and maybe you don’t even know why.

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