Database for Theory

I now have almost 60 instructional videos on YouTube. It is getting impossible to track them. So I am making this database both for myself and for my students. If any of the links don’t work, please let me know.

ChordsAll about Major: Introduction to major chords
ChordsAll about Minor: Introduction to minor chords
ChordsAugmented Chord, the Naughty Augmented Chord
ChordsCaptain Obvious explains Dorian
ChordsCrunchy Chords
ChordsDominant 7 Chord: Captain Obvious Solution No. 1
ChordsDominant 7 Chord: Collapse Solution No. 2
ChordsDominant 7 chord: Expanding B, solution No. 4
ChordsDominant 7 Chord: modulating to all keys, Solution No. 6
ChordsDominant 7 Chord: using the Quartet, Solution No. 5
ChordsDouble sus chords
ChordsDouble sus chords (no narration)
ChordsExtension Chords: Xb9 chord
ChordsGerman 6th Chord PART TWO2
ChordsGerman 6th Part One. This is a redo. My first try was totally unclear
ChordsHalf Diminished Chord
ChordsHow the Dominant 7 Chord got its name
ChordsIncomplete Chords
ChordsIncomplete Diminished Chord: shapeshifter chord
ChordsMay the 4th Be with You!
ChordsMinor Chords as Oreo Cookies
ChordsPortal Chord: Diminished Chord
ChordsPrimary chords linked to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
ChordsQuartet of Chords
ChordsSeven Chords: Three Cousins
ChordsSlippery Augmented Chords for Modulations to all 12 keys
ChordsThe Four Qualities of Chords
ChordsThe Incomplete Diminished Chord
ChordsThe Sharp 9 Chord
ChordsThe trinity of chords
ChordsTrinity of Major Chords
ChordsTwo crunchy double sus chords
ChordsVirtuoso Tchaikovsky Morphs
ChordsX7: Dominance and resolution
ChordsXmb6: More about 6ths, and how Beethoven used the Xmb6 chord
Circle of 5thsCircle of 4ths
Figured bassAll major chords with figured bass
Figured bassFigured Bass and modern letter chords
HistoryMusic in the year 1878
Intervals00: Unison, the first of all intervals
Intervals01: Tone, major 2nd and diminished 3rd
Intervals01: Tone:Half tone
Intervals02: Tone
Intervals03: Fat Tone
Intervals04: Bitone, another name for major 3rd and diminished 4th
Intervals05: 4ths, one of the backbones of music.
Intervals06: Tritone: 3 tones, two fat tones, augmented 4th, diminished 5th
Intervals07: 5th, no other name necessary
Intervals08: Quad: minor 6th and augmented 5th
Intervals09: 3 Fat: an easy name for major 6 and diminished 7 intervals
Intervals10: Dom 7, Regular 7, minor 7 and augmented 6
Intervals10: Dominant 7 interval: The interval that fits the dominant 7th chord
Intervals11: Maj 7 and Diminished Octave
Intervals11: The confusion of the maj7 interval and the Xmaj7 chord
Intervals3rds in Wonderland
IntervalsBlack Fat Tones
IntervalsFocus on 6ths
IntervalsInterval Overview
IntervalsThe Awful 7 problem
IntervalsWhen Escher Intervals Get Really Weird
KeysKey Signatures Part 1: Mastering Sharps
KeysKey Signatures Part 2: Mastering Flats
KeysKey Signatures: Do we need them?
MiscellaneousMy Rant about Bloviating
MiscellaneousPlaying by ear and reading scores
MiscellaneousSpinning Plates
ModesAll Major Modes
MorphingDiatonic morphing
PostureGood Posture: Why it’s so important
Roman numeralsBerklee Roman numerals
ScalesAll minor modes
ScalesCaptain Obvious explains Lydian
ScalesCaptain Obvious explains Mixolydian
ScalesFour Important Harmonic Scales
ScalesIonian mode vs Major
ScalesLoki and Locrian
ScalesOctatonic: How it works
ScalesPlaying White Modes
ScalesWhy are there 16 major scales?
ScalesWhy are there 16 minor scales?
ScalesWhy too many names is a problem: the worst scale name in music.
TheoryJazz Theory Works Better
TuningMean tone tuning versus equal temperament

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