The categories

  • My Compositions include original music I have written myself
  • My Transcriptions/Arrangements includes music from films, anime, computer games, etc., that I have written out from listening to the music and then making it playable on piano.
  • Traditional includes music by composers (Bach, Beethoven, etc) which is already written out and I have played directly from the music sheets.

There are drop down menus, but there is a bug. When you choose an option and get a list, the moment you click on one it goes back to the whole list. There seems to be no work-around, one of many problems with the Gallery app. So you have to look at the list, get an idea of what you want to hear, then click on the list again.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

This will be the location of all the recordings I make. It will replace the various menu categories that are taking over my website. Hopefully this gallery format will be more organized and easier to navigate.