1786: Haydn: Symphony No. 84 (IN NOMINE DOMINI) in Eb major

THURSDAY, November 12, 2020 – 5:33 AM

Symphony No. 84 (IN NOMINE DOMINI) in Eb major, age 54

Despite its number, the symphony was actually one of the last of the six Paris symphonies to be composed. It was completed in 1786.


flute, two oboes, two bassoons
two horns

Paavo Järvi

The slow second movement is a hybrid between ternary and variation form. The main theme is similar in shape to the introduction to the first movement. After the theme is stated, there is a contrasting passage in the minor which is only loosely based melodically on the main theme. Then two more strophic variations follow, the first lyrical and the second more grand. The movement then segues to a cadenza passage that features the full wind band over pizzicato strings before the full tutti concludes the movement with one last statement of the theme.

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