Comedian’s Galop

(Sept 4, 2019)

Famous for 80 years…

This is, in fact the most famous thing Kabalevsky ever wrote, and in addition to being used as the theme music for a game show, it has also been used many times in magic acts, particularly juggling.

About “The Comedians”

And here is the complete Suite, all movements, note that not one person commented on the site I linked to, taking only a moment to thank the person who posted it. Please note that a few people do all the work, and others can’t even be bothered to say thank you.

7 thoughts on “Comedian’s Galop

  1. My first thought was just sheer fun! Comedian’s Galop sounded familiar, and I think it is also used as background for hilarious scenes on the Internet these days. I listened to most of the entire Comedian Suite and love all of it. What sticks out to me is what he does with orchestral instruments. The way he places the unique and contrasting voices of various instruments at this point and that – it is just masterful and delightful.

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