About Advanced Lessons

Intermediate and Advanced Piano Lessons – Tailored for advanced and skilled pianists aiming to elevate their playing, technique, and musical theory.

  • Personalized Learning Path: Every pianist’s journey is different. I offer lessons that fit your goals and interests whether it’s mastering a style or achieving a specific milestone.
  • Reach Your Full Potential: You’ve come so far and there’s so much more to achieve. Let’s reach your full potential with lessons that challenge and inspire you to go higher.
  • Advanced Techniques and Expression: Take your playing to new levels with lessons on advanced techniques and expression. We’ll dive into the details that make great pianists great.
  • Professional Guidance and Coaching: Get the benefit of my experience and expertise as a professional musician. I’ll provide guidance and advanced training to help you grow as a pianist.
  • Music Theory and Composition: Deepen your understanding of music with lessons on theory and composition. We’ll explore the underlying structures of the music you love to play.


I teach online lessons using Zoom for intermediate and advanced students of all ages.

If you are interested, please use the Contact Me form, or text me at 954-655-9564 to find out more!


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