More than I hoped for. An appreciation.

When I met Gary, I hoped I’d find a teacher who gives the tools from the ground up for learning to play music on the piano. And I found that teacher! Sometimes it’s outside the box in a way that brings you to the heart of what makes music and playing tick. What others make complicated, Gary has a way of bringing across in a practical and deceptively simple way. You grasp it, so you grow.

I have valued “learning how to learn”: how to practise, how to divide pieces into sections, tasks, goals. It makes a world of difference. If you are used to music work taking immense effort, then working on one task you can reach, followed by another, will feel odd until you realize how much more you can achieve, and ultimately faster in the long run. The success creeps up on you. It is a cool experience. Once you have this, you can use it forever.

Music is made up of many parts: playing (technique), reading, theory etc. Here everything fits together. I’ve had lessons before and something was missing which I was searching for – I found those elements here.