Schumann: Scenes from Childhood: Falling Asleep and The Poet Speaks

There are 13 “scenes” from Schumann’s “Scenes from Childhood”. I had originally recorded the whole set in one complete recording, but I think this was too long for most casual listeners. I am presenting the scenes again individually so that you can listen to each by itself.

This seems to be a better idea and is perhaps more user-friendly if the goal is mostly about just getting to know the music.

However, for “Falling Asleep”, which is the 12th scene, presenting it as a stand-alone piece does not work because it is meant to segue into the 13th and final scene. “Falling Asleep” ends on a chord that does not belong in the key that the 12th scene. That last chord leads directly into the first chord of the final scene.

So these two scenes have to be experienced as a single performance, where one scene transitions directly into the other scene.

Quite obviously I picked pictures of children falling asleep to go with the first scene. But for the last scene I picked pictures from “Dead Poets Society” because they seemed to be most appropriate.

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