Scarlatti: Sonata in F Minor, K. 466

There are 555 piano sonatas composed by Domenico Scarlatti, and how that came to be is a story too long and too complicated for this time. It is enough to know that these piano sonatas were part of a lifetime set of instructions for the Princess of Portugal (Maria Madalena Bárbara Xavier Leonor Teresa Antónia Josefa) who later became the queen.

She eventually became a very fine player, so much of the music written for her it’s very hard.

In this recording I once again played the long repeats very differently. Scarlatti sonatas are in AB form, and both sections repeat. The B section contains a development section much like that of the more traditional sonata form. I was very careful to play the repeats very differently by playing the first time through plainly and the second time through much more ornately.

4 thoughts on “Scarlatti: Sonata in F Minor, K. 466

  1. Listening to the new version. Yes, now it has a particular life that the former recording promised but wasn’t not yet there. This is also a lesson for us as students.

  2. WOW!!! Your creativity made this piece come to life. As I listened I looked forward to hearing what you had added to make each repeat different from the others. You nailed it!!!

  3. This is one of those pieces with a very intimidating length that can put some people off from ever attempting to listen to them. Yet, what I’ve found is that many of these are some of the best compositions I’ve ever listened to. The music tells a story that could never be told with a shorter run time and allows the composer to really go off of the rails and experiment with the sound of the piece. This is a great one. Would love to hear any improvements you are planning on making in the future.

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