On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond Composer: Dave Grusin

The theme song in the movie and on the sound track is wonderful, but it is with full orchestra, so if you buy the sheet music for piano only, it’s very empty. One of the problems with 20th and 21st century notation is that we now live in an era where you can listen to perfect music, played by the best players you can imagine, but the composers do not bother to shape or perfect what they sell to pianists. It’s up to us, the players, to be free, imaginative and creative to make this music come fully alive. Many years ago – decades ago – I took the standard printed sheet music for On Golden Pond, as written for piano solo, and changed it considerably. My aim is never to change the feel or the “soul” of the music, but rather to take something for full orchestra and transcribe it so that it gets as close as possible to the atmosphere of the music written for a much larger ensemble.

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  1. On Golden Pond

    I wish I could play like that. Every note has been thought out. Just so lovely.

    The new format is awesome. The pictures add interest and are a good match for the music.

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