This is one of the shortest things I’ve written. I was in a very sad mood, thinking about people in my life who were really important to me. So it is bitter-sweet. I’d like to expand it someday, and I may. But for now, I’ll leave it just as it is, this tiny little moment in time.

I’m moving this to my compositions. It was in folders, and a lot of people never heard it. It is easy enough for 1st or 2nd year students, but I think you have to play pretty well to make it sing.

Memories Composer: Gary Lloyd

5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I learned this before hearing your recording, and got some new ideas for the middle part now. I learned to play it because it’s haunting and beautiful. Where you write “….but I think you have to play pretty well to make it sing.” – that is exactly the challenge. And you cannot hide behind a flurry of notes so they have to be well placed and right.

  2. I really enjoy this piece and wish I could listen to it anywhere I want. I really like it when I’m trying to relax it is a very calming song.

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