Tonight I took a short piece of music I wrote about a year ago called Memories, and I extended it to double length with a modulation up a fat tone and a repeat in the new key before finally ending with a very brief coda. Then I simply found five pictures related to the theme of memories and stuck in a small amount of text in each of those five pictures.


This simple piece of music is largely major in harmony, although there is some subtlety, and of course it is very very slow. And yet I was in a deep state of melancholy as I wrote it. I was thinking about my grandparents, parents, other family members who have passed and additional friends I have lost to the passage of time. My memories are very sweet.

Memories Composer: Gary Lloyd

But there is nothing sweet about the loss of people dear to us through death. So this little piece of music is also very personal to me, and not at all happy.

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