Joplin: Bethena

This is an usual piece by Joplin. First of all, it’s surprisingly long for this style of music and takes almost six minutes. It’s marked as “a concert waltz”, which means that Joplin considered a pretty serious composition. There are surprisingly sophisticated modulations that bind together several waltzes, which are cleverly stitched together in a rather seamless manner.

I was rather free about the notes. I stuck pretty close to the score, the one that was officially published more than a century ago, but it falls under transcriptions/arrangements because I took some liberties.

Bethena Performed by Gary Lloyd

4 thoughts on “Joplin: Bethena

  1. I’m familiar with Joplin’s rags. This is something different. It sounds like a waltz colored with hints of ragtime. All in all, quite pleasant.

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