Beethoven: Für Elise

I recorded this in May of 2021, but I have new ideas that I put into my first recording in 2022.

I have been listening to many recordings by the famous conductor, Celibidache, and he is famous for performing things at slow tempos to bring out details and textures that we normally don’t hear.

With that concept in mind I decided to apply it to this very famous piece of music. It’s now almost a minute slower, with greater dynamic range and a more personal touch.

Beethoven: Für Elise Composer: Played by Gary Lloyd

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  1. Decades ago I played this from a score I was given, without ever having heard it played by anyone. The first time I did hear it performed, I was shocked at the speed, and it took time to eventually find some rare performances where it was more like what I had pictured back then. You have put into it what I heard in the music, and even more, and with the mastery of a pianist.

    Celibidache and Furtwängler. (thinking of what you wrote)

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