Gounod: March of a Marionette

For decades I had no idea who actually wrote this, because I knew it as the “Alfred Hitchcock” theme, to his famous TV show. But the actual composer, Charles Gounod, is famous for his “Ave Maria”, which uses the very famous Bach C Major Prelude for everything but the melody. In other words, he took Bach’s prelude, added one measure then used that prelude for the chord structure of his vocal piece.

I planned to record this in about one minute, but I could not resist adding some extra touches to bring it alive a bit on the piano.

Funeral March of a Marionette Composer: Gounod, Transcription: Gary Lloyd


4 thoughts on “Gounod: March of a Marionette

  1. This is great. The staccato is really the main star here. It fits so well with the jumpy yet somber attitude, which come together to great somewhat of a comedic. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s memorable. It has a bit of somewhat fondness to it, probably cause of it’s use. Overall, great piece, amazing rhythms.

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