From Scarlatti to Rachmaninov

My thought was that it might be nice to hear a mixture of various composers. So I started with Scarlatti and then went right through to a composer who is still living, Dave Grusin. Because there is an upload of 64 megs per file I divided the program into two parts. So think of it as a concerto with an intermission.

First Half of Playlist

  1. 00: Scarlatti: Sonata in E Major
  2. 4:24: Mozart: Rondo Alla Turka
  3. 7:57: Beethoven: Fuer Elise
  4. 11:23: Chopin: Nocturne In Eb Major
  5. 16:04: Chopin: Minute Waltz
  6. 18:20: Grieg: Nocturne
  7. 23:35: Debussy: Reverie
  8. 00: Debussy: Clair de lune
  9. 4:49: Debussy: Arabesque No. One

Second Half of Playlist

  1. 00: Kabalevsky: A Medley of Pieces for Children
  2. 7:03: Gershwin Prelude
  3. 11:04: Bartok: A Medley of Pieces for Children
  4. 21:13: Grusin: Death of Love and Trust
  5. 24:22: Grusin: On Golden Pond
  6. 27:48: Rachmaninov: Prelude in C Sharp Minor

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