Floating: Two Contrasting Moods

Floating started with a simple idea. I wrote a melody line that goes up by half tones. It is rather austere and rather serious. Then I wrote a second piece. It has a lighter sound and is perhaps a bit jazzy. I decided to put the two together because I think the two ideas make a nice contrast in moods. This is largely about morphing.

The rest of the story:

The first piece is typical in form: A B A. But the bridge is unusual in that is a chromatic, rising melody, which I wrote first before writing the A section, because that was my intent, to show that anything that was done be the great traditional composers will also work in music written right now.

The second piece:

There is a similar idea here. I wanted to complete my first idea in a more contemporary way. I had Ravel, Satie and Bill Evans all going through my mind at the same mind, plus the intent to once again show the the idea of a rising, chromatic line.

3 thoughts on “Floating: Two Contrasting Moods

  1. Liked this, quite a bit. I like soaring melodies, ascending melodies. Reminds me of solo flight. Just you and and the sky and the machine. Real flying.

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