Undertale: Fallen Down

Undertale is the story of a human child who falls into the underground, which has become the home and prison of the monster race ever since humans drove them from the surface. Monsters have set up a life in this new place, but long to return to the surface.

I have never played the game, so I had to think about what would be a good idea for the pictures.

It seemed logical to pick pictures of caves, and I was amazed to find out how many great pictures there were of caves all around the world. Because of the nature of the game I tried to only show pictures where the caves were totally underground and no light from the surface could be seen.

4 thoughts on “Undertale: Fallen Down

  1. Somehow I missed this when you posted it last year. It’s quite lovely. I think the snobby older folk often are unaware of what good music is actually there in games, anime, and on and on.

  2. I love how homely this sounds. I played this when I was around 10-ish, and I really wanted to figure this out on my own. This is a really good version of the track and I might just listen to this on my own time.

  3. So i have a little bit to say about this. The game is actually called Undertale not underworld but i can see where you got that. Also i believe the original composer of this song is Toby Fox the creator of the game as he composed all of the original music for the game. Those people probably are the ones that transposed it into a piano piece as it was originally done with the electronic instruments that where provided to give the game a more 8-bit feel. Love the way you played it Gary. Lots of emotion. Beautiful piece.

    1. Guillermo, thank you for the feedback. I am aware that Fox wrote the music, although I don’t much like what he did with it. Now, considering it’s his game, so to speak his story, I think the fact that he also wrote the music is very impressive. And yes, it is Undertale, which I just fixed. Sometimes my fingers type stuff that I don’t even recognize. I’m a very bad typist.

      For the rest of the story: as far as I could find out, Peacock is the guy who arranges, and that’s what made this really come alive. In short, when I heard what he wrote I was jealous. And I still am 🙂 The pianist is VERY good. I think this shows that the arrangement is terribly important. This does not mean that the person who writes the theme is not important, because it all starts there. But you can have a great theme with an OK development and not very good playing, and then nothing comes alive.

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