Chopin: Raindrop Prelude

This prelude is so famous that many people know it without knowing who wrote it and what it is called. As with most nicknames, “Raindrop” did not come from the composer. The whole piece is written legato, and only one pianist played it otherwise, making part of the middle section staccato.

But that pianist was Horowitz, one of the greatest pianists who has ever lived.

Because this different way of playing to me is much more interesting that I wrote it out the same way, and in fact had to play it for a couple hours to get it. It’s about 50 times harder, but I just love the contrast. It’s starker, more vital, and it brings the whole piece alive for me. I can never quite believe that Chopin wrote this music almost two centuries ago. The world is still catching up.

3 thoughts on “Chopin: Raindrop Prelude

  1. I much prefer it this way. Everyone else plays it “wet” – all the sustain. I much prefer this. Immense emotion tightly contained except when it’s not.

  2. Very interesting. I like the staccato in he middle. I’m thinking – with a single note being repeated constantly, that single notes has to be very controlled because any one that is off would immediately stand out. Am I wrong?

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