Beethoven: Sonatina in G

This is yet another extremely common composition to show up in method books. But although it is supposed to it’s Beethoven, there appears to be some question as to who actually composed it. Indeed, according to the Wikipedia article (Sonatina in G major), its authenticity is doubted, as it uses styles never seen by Beethoven before.

So it may not be by Beethoven, and frankly it doesn’t sound much like him to me.

It only has two movements, and there are a lot of repeats. The first movement is marked moderato and the second movement is allegro. The whole sonatina is perfect for developing students. For me the biggest challenge is to always try to different things to do with the repeats so that things do not become boring.

3 thoughts on “Beethoven: Sonatina in G

  1. Another one in my the single music book of my “teach yourself” childhood book of sonatinas. I liked it then, and like it a lot more now, because of what you bring out in it.

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