Bartok: Homage to J.S.B.

It’s only about a minute long. I think it’s one of the most interesting small pieces he ever wrote. There is a lot of creativity packed into such a small composition, so I would imagine that some of his really talented, young students were very surprised by this music.


J.S.B., of course, is Johann Sebastian Bach, and this is Bartok’s tribute. It starts out almost Bach-like, but in the middle it turns into pure Bartok, with intricate chromatic movement and ideas sort of piling up on each other, a kind of “stretto” effect. Then it winds back down with some delicate, playful little rhythms that once again overlap and make the difference between major and minor very blurred.

5 thoughts on “Bartok: Homage to J.S.B.

  1. I do feel the essence of something I like, something that is good. I like it, but most likely not to the point of the “acquired taste”. It packed with variation, which makes it enjoyable. To me, there’s suspense, which keeps you engaged. While I like this piece, playing it, as other have said, would prove harder than appreciating the piece. However, I would still like to learn it, for the valuable lessons of music I will learn by playing it.

  2. I am picturing this as an enjoyable piece to learn to play, but it takes a master’s hand to real bring out the music as I hear it here. Which in turn fires the imagination on what can be done with those little dots.

  3. I totally agree with the other comment here. He seems like a very expiremental composer who has both haunting and beautiful pieces. Although I’m still working on acquiring that taste myself. Great piece.

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