Bach: Invention in A Minor

This is not completely Bach, only. First, I added a turnaround so that I could repeat the first section, because it seems a shame to only hear it once. It’s such a great idea. But in addition, I wanted to repeat the second half, which Bach for some reason did not indicate, and a repeat of the B section is unbalanced without a repeat of the A section.

Adding repeats – or omitting them – is 100% in the style of the period.

So in the section I used another version that he wrote out elsewhere. It’s in a footnote somewhere, but I’ve never heard it played or recorded. It shortens the section a bit. It’s simpler. So I used this other version, then used the more well-known version when I repeat.

So what you hear in this recording does not exist elsewhere. It is completely new, and I really enjoyed presenting it.

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