Theory: Bitone, another name for major 3rd and diminished 4th

This is part of my universal interval system. I offer alternatives to traditional names that are based on notation, not sound and what we feel in the hands. Bitones are especially useful for building augmented chords, but they show up in many other situations where we see diminished 4ths.

The most common traditional name, major 3rd, is a name that is rather useful and that you should really learn.

Every major and minor chord has a bitone, and calling that bitone a major third is not only very common but also is probably best because it is right in the major and minor chords. In fact, the major third is at the bottom of the major chord, and it is on top of the minor chord. In addition, the spelling of major and minor chords is extremely standard, so you almost never find a diminished 4th in these chords.

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