1923: Carroll: Water Sprites, age 54

1 – The Coral Tree

For there we lightly trip around The coral tree, And quickly beat the pearly ground,
All merrily
– Symington

The Coral Tree: Played by Gary Lloyd

2 – From Sea-Green Caves

The water sprites will wield their arms
And dash around, with roar and rave,
And vain are the woodland spirits’ charms,
They are the imps that role the waves.
– Drake

From Sea-Green Caves: Played by Gary Lloyd

3 – The Noon Sirens

We hear, in each cool sparry cave,
Plaint melody Sung by the mermaids of the wave, Aeolianly.
– Symington

The Noon Sirens: Played by Gary Lloyd

4 – The Echo Nymph

I float on the breath of a minstrel’s lute, Or the wandering sounds of a distant flute, Linger I over the tones that swell
From the pink-veined chords of an ocean shell.
– L.E.L.

The Echo Nymph: Played by Gary Lloyd

5 – A Sea-born Knight

He mounted his steed of the water clear,
And sat on his saddle of sea-weed sere;
He held his bridle of strings of pearl,
Dug out of the depths where the sea-snakes curl.
– Mackay

6 – Mermaid’s Lullaby
Children dear, was it yesterday
We heard the sweet bells over the bay?
In the caverns where we lay,
Through the surf and through the swell,
The far-off sound of a silver bell?
– Arnold

7 – Sea Hunting
Shrill and clear their horns re-echo;
Then anon, from all around,
In the depth of the dim waters
Little mocking laughters sound.
– Heine

8 – Naiad’s Rest Call
Green hills of slippery seaweed, wet and high
Where green-haired mermaids love full length to lie,
Their faces in the wet weed buried deep
Till, by their gambols tired, they fall asleep.
– Marston

9 – Halls of Delight
This lofty cave’s a gorgeous palace gate Where some Sea-Genius holds royal state.
– Noel

10 – The Passing of Una
Under Scaba’s shore,
Where the wild winds sigh and the breakers roar,
They dug her a grave by the water clear,
Among the seaweed, salt and sere.
– Mackay

11 – A Starlight Frolic
I love the Sun – I love the moon – So fair to see;
I love the little twinkling stars, And they love me.
– Symington

12 – The Sweet Hush of Dawn
But they must go, the time draws on,
And those white-favour’d horses wait;
They rise, but linger; it is late;
Farewell, we kiss, and they are gone.
– Tennyson

5 thoughts on “1923: Carroll: Water Sprites, age 54

  1. There are more than when I originally commented. The allure of Mermaid – definitely. In “Starlight”, I liked how some of the time the ornamenty bits had pedal so that they shimmered and swam, and other times the “stars” crystal clear. Passing of Ulna also appealed to me especially, and the energy of Sea Hunting. I like the length of these little pieces.

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