Download and assemble my keyboard chart

Downloading my keyboard chart…

The first thing you need to start learning how to read music is my keyboard chart. You download the chart for either a smaller keyboard, usually 61 keys, or the one for the bigger keyboards with 88 keys. The best way to download is to save the file in your downloads folder and then print it out from there.

The chart looks best with colors, but a black and white printout also works fine.

Use the two links below to pick your chart. You will need the one for electric keyboards if you have less than 88 keys. If you pick the wrong chart, it will not fit. It will be too big or too small.

Chart for 88 keys…

This is the chart you will need for a full sized keyboard, either an acoustic piano or a digital piano with 88 keys. The keys on these pianos are a little bit wider.

Click here for pianos with 88 keys

Chart for smaller keyboards…

This is the chart you will need for 61 keys or 76 keys. The keys are a tiny bit narrower than a full sized keyboard:

Click HERE for the chart for smaller electronic keyboards

Now it’s time to assemble the chart…

Once you have downloaded and printed out the correct chart, you need to put it together using either glue or tape.

Click HERE to see how to assemble my keyboard chart

Why do you need the chart?

Because it accelerates learning in the beginning and works much like tee in tee ball, or training wheels on a bicycle. It speeds up note reading by a huge factor. It eliminates itself in a remarkably short period of time, so its use is temporary.

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