1765: Haydn: Symphony No. 72 in D major (4 HORN SCALES), age 33


  1. Allegro
  2. Andante
  3. Menuet & Trio
  4. Finale: Andante (Thema. Var. I–VI)


There is none, so I’m calling this “horn scales”, and I’m making note of the fact that there are four, because Haydn normally did not have that many to work with. The scale work at the beginning is amazing.


There is no better example of how awful the number system is than this symphony. It was composed fifteen to twenty years before the neighboring works. It belongs with the “Horn Signal” symphony because it has four horns. But it could also be called “everyone gets a solo”, because in the last movement there are so many cool solos.


  • flute
  • two oboes
  • bassoon
  • four horns
  • strings

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