1764: Haydn: Symphony No. 23 in G major (CANNONS and FADE), age 32

Hogwooed is longer by about 4 minutes. Check for cut repeats.


  1. Allegro 6:00
  2. Andante in C major 8:20
  3. Menuetto e Trio (Trio in C major) 3:28
  4. Presto assai 2:28

Total time: 20:16

Adam Fischer

  1. Allegro 5:36
  2. Andante in C major 6:34
  3. Menuetto e Trio (Trio in C major) 2:26
  4. Presto assai 2:05

Total time: 16:41


  • 2 oboes,
  • bassoon
  • 2 horns
  • strings
  • continuo

In the Minuet, Haydn writes the movement as a canon between the higher voices (violins and oboes) and lower voices (violas and cellos) at an interval of a single bar.

The last movement is notable for fading away unexpectedly at the end, first pianissimo in the string along and then after a grand pause ending with a single pizzicato note.

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