1761: Haydn: Symphony No. 11 in Eb major (Eb ADAGIO), AGE 28

Mr. Peabody Says:

Generally I recommend to people to start with the movements that are fast, energetic and short. For for this symphony I think the 1st movement is special, so even though it is more than 10 minutes long, that is by far the most interesting to me: Adagio cantabile.

Adam Fischer:

  1. Adagio cantabile 10:30
  2. Allegro: 438
  3. Menuetto con Trio, the trio in B♭ major 3:58
  4. Presto 3:34


  • 2 oboes
  • bassoon
  • 2 horns
  • strings
  • continuo

Church sonata:

When I started my Haydn project I did not know what a “church sonata” is. Now I do. Haydn composed a few symphonies that had four movements that went slow – fast – slow – fast. This form is called a “”church sonata”, but by the time of Haydn it was not played in churches. So when you see the first movement marked “adagio”, and it’s long, the symphony is probably a church sonata. Symphony No. 5 is similar.


I’m tagging it with “Eb Adagio”, to remind myself that this beautiful movement starts this symphony. There is no formal nickname given, but it is useful to have one for each symphony that is important to me, to remember how to find it again with something other than #1-104.


This symphony was probably written while in the employ of Count Morzin, but it may also have been written a bit later, under the Esterházy family. Just on instinct I would guess a bit later because there is something special about this one

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