1861: Symphony No. 8 (EVENING) in C major, age 29

Mr. Peabody Says:

This is the 3rd of a trio of symphonies called “Day Trilogy”, Nos. 6-8, written for Prince Paul II Anton Esterházy and the 3rd written after Haydn had joined the Esterházy court. There is virtuoso writing for many soloists. It is popularly known as “Le soir”. Le soir means evening.

Imitating Vivaldi?

In many ways it reminds me of what Vivaldi did with his “Four Season”. I have no idea if Haydn knew of Vivaldi’s music. But it is interesting that with this symphony he started fast and in 3/4 time, because to me the 1st movement does not sound like a 1st movement. The whole symphony is around 22 minutes long, shorter than just one movement of may symphonies written in the 1800s.

Adam Fischer

  1. Allegro molto, G major
  2. Andante, C major
  3. Menuetto & Trio, G major – C major – G major
  4. La tempesta – Presto, G major


  • solo violoncello
  • two solo violins
  • solo violone
  • two oboes, one flute, bassoon
  • two horns
  • strings

1 thought on “1861: Symphony No. 8 (EVENING) in C major, age 29

  1. So far Haydn has made me smile every time. There is a warmth which is uplifting. My favourite this time is probably the last movement, including what he has the strings do.

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