This is what I’m listening to

I’m putting whatever music I’m listening to at the moment here, and hopefully I will get comments telling me that other people are interested in what interests me. I just finished an in depth examination of all of the Haydn symphonies, so part of what I will be linking to will be those, in order, from #1 to #104.

The little dog is Mr. Peabody from “Rocky and Bullwinkle”. He was always full of facts and explanations. On this site I am Mr. Peabody. In each post I will try to start with this picture plus something light and interesting about the music and the history of the music that you might be interested in.

5 thoughts on “This is what I’m listening to

  1. Hey guys, if you haven’t done so yet, click on my recordings in the title bar and listen to an awesome recording of Chopin’s Ballade in Gm by the one and only Gary Lloyd. I’d like to be able to play like that.

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