Level B

WEDNESDAY, May 12, 2021 – 12:55 AM


Level B

There is an A level, but I usually skip it except with really small children. It has only the RH. Level B uses both hands.

Snake Dance

This is the first piece I teach each student. But beginners don’t get this version. It comes later, so if you like this version, ask me for it. Instead of only one interval in the LH for the whole song I use different intervals and chords. Remember that what makes something interesting is not the melody but what we do with the melody

Spider Song

This is the second song I teach, but this version I call “Spider Blues” because I’ve added a bit of swing and a few nice jazz chords. Again, for this version you would have to ask me for it. It’s a bit more advanced.

Saints Go Marching In

This is the hardest piece in Level B. It has chords. However, this version has more chords and a more complicated rhythm.

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