Harry Potter conducting, again…

FRIDAY, May 21, 2021 – 12:14 PM

(1768: Haydn: Symphony No. 49 (LA PASSIONE) in F minor)

Last year I was exploring all of Haydn’s symphonies, and I made this post in November. But since then “Harry Potter”, my nickname for Klaus Mäkelä, has recorded this symphony, and as usual the sound is magnificent. Note that he is only 25 years old but already the conductor of one of the best orchestras in the world. Note that Jacob Collier is only about six months older. There are young geniuses out there.

Klaus’s “Harry Potter” glasses are gone, so apparently he is updating his image with contacts.

Now, to what I wrote earlier:

WEDNESDAY, November 18, 2020 – 5:07 AM

Symphony No 49  (LA PASSIONE) in F minor, age 36


  • two oboes, bassoon
  • two horns
  • strings
  • continuo

Klaus Mäkelä

  • Purcell: March
  • I. Adagio, F minor
  • II. Allegro di molto, F minor
  • III. Menuet e Trio, F minor
  • IV. Presto, F minor

“La Passione”: is one of Haydn’s his most effective symphonies.  It’s all in F minor, and that’s highly unusual for Haydn. It was written  in 1768 during his “Sturm und Drang” period and is popularly known as La passione (The Passion). In this link Klaus starts out with a funeral march in the same key, by Purcell. It is a very interesting connection.



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