What’s the young genius up to THIS time?

SUNDAY, April 4, 2021 – 2:59 PM

Collier is at it again

This is not my kind of music, not at all. It’s not my personality, my groove, my world or anything like what I am interested in. But he always catches my interest and pulls me into his personal world. Most of all I like that he is doing this all by himself, depending on no one else who can mess with his vision and his creation.

2 thoughts on “What’s the young genius up to THIS time?

  1. #collier
    This is really interesting. I see videos on the internet of people who create and mix and do all the parts for their own songs and this gives me a newfound respect for them. I love how he is creating music for himself and no one else. His sound, his playing, his music. Its all great and it’s all his.

  2. #collier
    This must be the new version of the one man band. Doing everything by himself leaves him free to create without restraints. The sky is the limit.

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