2021: My recordings of traditional music for students

TUESDAY, April 6, 2021 – 11:22 PM

2021: My recordings of traditional music

I have not seriously recorded since the 1990s, with tweaks in the early 2000s. I’m trying to change that right now, starting with some short, famous selections. There is not much written for students in the first couple years of lessons that is both playable and extremely interesting. I think theses pieces are exceptions.

Chopin Prelude in A major

Chopin Prelude in C minor

Chopin Prelude in B minor

Chopin Prelude in E minor

Kabalevsky Novelette

Kabalevsky Short Story

Kabalevsky Toccatina

Kabalevsky Song

Elmenreich Spinning Song

Grieg Watchman’s Song

6 thoughts on “2021: My recordings of traditional music for students

  1. One thing I have to say — these were recorded full-scale, no compression. No EQ. No tricks. This is what Mother Nature gave us when these were made. Turn it UP, when you listen. Way up. 3/4’s of the way up. And listen on your best headphones or speakers. I mean it. These are hi-fi, in the true sense of the word. Hi-Def, in today’s slang.

    Another thing I have to say – Gary, you infuse even the shortest of student pieces every bit of emotion, dynamics, expression — everything — that 99.9% of the hacks out there can’t even begin to deliver. Myself included. Wish there was more than just one record of you. You treat each and every piece like a unique gem under the hands of a real jeweler. No job too small, eh? I’ve seen/heard you sightread Powerhouse. That.. stopped my heart. For a second. That piece is a monster. I told you from the first day I met you, you read music like I read words. I need to learn that.

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