1921: Mangore: La Catedral (Allegro Solemne)

FRIDAY, February 12, 2021 – 4:51 AM

Agustín Barrios-Mangoré: La Catedral (Allegro Solemne), age 36

There is a huge story behind this piece, but I don’t yet have the energy to tell it. I’ll do it later. However, this is an extremely popular and famous piece of music for guitar. I transcribed this for piano about 15 years ago but never quite finished, and I’ve been busy completing the piano music, which I will start teaching.

There are many fine recordings, and I just picked two that I think have contrasting interpretations.

Ana Vidović

Nicholas Petrou

6 thoughts on “1921: Mangore: La Catedral (Allegro Solemne)

  1. I personally prefer Vidovic’s performance as she puts a lot more emotion into the piece and I think that really works with what it’s going for. Petrou’s is still great and he does it effortlessly but I prefer the emotion for Vidovic’s.

  2. There was more flare in Vidovic’s rendition. More fire, more feeling. However, Petrou was crisp, elegant, clean, and respectable. While the flare enticed me more, I can respect the brilliance of Petrou.

  3. Some wag in the comments for Petrou put “The only thing cleaner than his technique is his floor.” And that comment went onto how OCD classical guitarrists tend to be. Truth is, I love that instrument, I played it as a teen, very, very badly. Good enough for church, but not to play for the beauty of it. I was lent a gorgeous Yamaha made-in-japan classical guitar for a while, and it was so nice to play. Such a small box can make such a sound. Gary, Im’ dying to hear your transcription of this. 1921 music, and it sounds centuries old, that’s how beautiful it is. Frankly I like Petrou better, much drier, like brut champagne. The lady was more like Nectar Imperial or White Star.

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